Dating an Older Woman

I am a man who loves dating younger women… until recently. It was at May's wedding, this beautiful woman caught my eyes. Her name is Jenny, she exudes confidence, is graceful and most of all, we seem to get along pretty well. May whom is our mutual friend, introduced us and this is how it got started. After the wedding, we decided to keep in touch and established our "friendship" in Facebook.

There was so much I didn't know about her, and being her friend on Facebook opens up this chance to explore.

Big news! I realised she is 3 years older. For my past 30 years, I have not dated someone older, and somehow age seems to put up a little barrier here. I asked myself if it is really important, I looked at all my friends whom are dating younger women or much younger ones, they didn't seem to be much better off really. Growing up in a family as the youngest, I have 2 sisters. Suddenly, this feels like I'd be dating someone as old as my sister. May saw it through me, and she told me how wonderful Jenny is, and encouraged me to see her and ask her out. I would never know what could happen if I didn't…

And so I did.

Pleasantly enough, the first date with Jenny turned out to be awesome. Unlike the younger women I went out with, she wasn't petty with details. She offered to go on dutch on the dinner, wasn't expecting me to hold the door for her, didn't try to impress me with extra thick make-up or wearing a super mini skirt. Jenny was just being herself, and I enjoyed her company. She could hold up conversation about financial investment, long-termed goals and not just talk about all the shopping and recent purchases which other girls did. I had to admit after that date, I was quite attracted to her. We went out a few more times, and she was still the Jenny I met, she didn't put up a nice front to impress me in the beginning.

Suddenly, the age difference loses its importance, I like going out with Jenny for who she is, and not how old she is! It has been over 8 months now, and we are still going strong! I'm not envious of my friends whom have much younger girlfriends whom might be prettier, more youthful and even those that like to show more skin. To me, Jenny is the sexiest woman in my life and she keeps me captivated!

I just like to share this with all the other men who have been hesitant to date an older woman, you never know what a gem she can be if you can't overcome your psychological barrier about age limit! Go on and give it a try!

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