Happy Champagne SG Couple


Dear Joan, Roy and I would like to say a big Thank You to you and your colleagues at Champagne SG. Thanks to your introduction 3 years ago, we now have a beautiful family!

Before Roy and I signed up with Champagne SG, each of us was already taking active steps to get to know more people through other avenues. When we signed up with Champagne SG, we thought it would be another "one of those" efforts we take. However, when I first met you in 2010, I was struck by your personable service and sincere attitude to get to know me at a personal level – I felt that you treated me like a friend, rather than like a client. This was unlike the service I got with other larger agencies. After every meet-up, you would take my feedback seriously, and improve upon the next match. The matches just got closer and closer each time.

In May 2011, I got a call from you asking if I would mind getting to know someone working in the same organisation as me (we worked in a very large organisation), and I said I wouldn't mind. That was how Roy and I met. We clicked almost right away, as we shared many similar values, including being family-oriented. We got married in the following year, and we now have a beautiful daughter who is turning 10 months old – 3 years after we met through you.

As we embark on our new family life, we would like to express our appreciation to Champagne SG for helping us find a match that worked. May many more people with the same hope find their happiness through you.



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