Another Happy Champagne SG Couple

"Hurry up, Sex and the City is starting soon…", I yelled towards my girlfriend while running towards Golden Village at Great World. Just then, I saw this happy couple, with all smiles on their faces, clearly in love. The happy, "in a world of their own" aura radiating from them just caught my attention for a second, must be occupational hazard.

"Joan!", the guy called out my name and on closer look,I realized they are Champagne SG's members X and G! On further chatting, I got to know they actually met during one of our events and hit it off immediately.

G shared with me it is really fate that while she has made some good friends from the 1-to-1 dates she has been, nothing romantic has occurred. Yet she attended this event of ours, and met X. Under normal 1-to-1 date arrangement, we probably would not have match them up since he does not exactly fit into "the profile" she is looking for, but they hit it off! And their opposite traits just seems to complement each other rather than cause conflicts.

I just told her she has taken a positive step to widen her social circle, and she is merely reaping the fruits of her own labor. really happy for them, and it is this satisfaction of seeing people "two become one" that keeps us going.

– Joan


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