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(For security and confidential reason, the name is fictitious and the email address of the member is taken off.)

Hi, thanks for the email and the Mr W free-trial profile ;p (counting towards actual profile no.1 hehe). Anyway, I remembered the place I bought my pink top le it's at City Plaza near Paya Lebar MRT.

Know you would call me for feedback, I might as well write you briefly here. I would say Mr W is a clever person, seems to be a family person and could be a nice guy like you say. But I thought he might be a bit too 斯文 for my type. I must say nothing is absolute, including everything I say here at this point of time (must be open right?). However, I have no good feelings or bad feelings or special feedlings about him- no nothing. Can be a friend material though, I don't mind making another friend.

There's also a potential difference/conflict in aspirations which is not of concern here since I have no special feelings about him. He has desire to migrate and I do not. It is different if he's desire to migrate is because he has talent but no space to develop his passion here. If it is for this reason, and if I have feelings for this person, I would support him and might move with him no matter where he goes.

In this case, I do not quite share his fundamental motivation for his desire to migrate. Nothing's wrong with his motivation though and it could be quite valid (he doesn't want to work till his old age, still in debts waiting for cpf haha). I'm looking at developing a balance and fair relationship. ie. I believe right partners will bring the best out of each other, and living together should not be at the expense of sacrificing the other party's dreams.

Having said that, this is not the reason why I didn't feel for him but I just didn't. ;D Thanks so much for your match ok? Jia yoU! I'm glad your profiles seem to be of a good quality.



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