My Best and Worst Dating Experience

Wow. Talking about this, it really takes some courage to go dig up those memories. I guess many of you have a fair share of good and bad experience from all these years. Let me share the best and worst of mine, and I wouldn't mind listening to all of yours either!

Personally, I am not the most outspoken person, but I believe I have surpassed the stage of shyness whereby I would blush in front of a super cute guy. So one day, I had this blind date with a guy I spoken to online. He seemed normal, chatty and interesting over the internet, and so I was obviously quite keen to see him in person.

The day came. I stood there waiting for what seemed like eternity. Then I spotted this tall slim fine-looking guy who had been there for almost as long as I was, so I went up to him. It was him, but unlike what he has portrayed online, he was the total opposite. He seemed like a boring geek and was an introvert. Our conversation was short and his replies never exceeded two sentences. Boy, was I disappointed! When I asked him questions, I felt like I was like interviewing someone for a job! God, it is that bad. I gave him another chance and we met up again.

Nothing changed. So I guess I need not say more, I never met him again.

So often when we do not expect the best, we often get it! I enjoy meeting people with no expectation, because it is when they usually exceed your expectations. The same goes for dating. I met this other guy whom I had been emailing for a while. He wasn't the ideal guy I was looking for physically, but his emails never failed to crack me up and we really wrote very often and very lengthy. We hit it off, and we both decided to meet up. When I first saw him, I wasn't disappointed and his heartwarming smile made me feel at ease, it seemed like we had known each other for a long time. It took a while to warm up but soon we were laughing at the same jokes, sharing our life stories… and needless to say, we started going out. Even though we have parted now, I still miss him for the good times we shared. How I wish every date will start off like this!

From : Beatrice


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