Kite Flying and Picnic

A bright and sunny day perfect for our Kite Flying and Picnic Event! (ok, maybe it is a bit too sunny, I have to apply coats of sunblock!)

Today we have 20 over fun- loving, outgoing and sporting guys and gals here at the Marina Barrage. The scenery is simply breath-taking. You can take in the views of the Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer atop this iconic landmark. See the pictures and you will know what I mean.

This is everyone looking very engrossed trying to get signatures to fill up their Bingo card. They are indeed a sporting lot. See everyone crowding around the guy in stripes who is squatting down on the mat for his signature? Do you think it is because:

  • He is a celebrity
  • He is drop dead handsome
  • He is a drop dead handsome celebrity
  • None of the above

Look at everyone having fun trying to fly the kites. Some even run out of kite string.

The event ended well with more games and kite flying, some of them even took the kites back as momento. We are glad everyone enjoyed which is what motivates us on to organize more events. I will definitely come back again in the evening next time, with wines and cheese and my husband under the night sky filled with kites. : )


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