Pizza Making Workshop: All you knead is love!

Before you capture their hearts, make sure you satisfy their tastebuds too!

Last Saturday, 14 participants came together to our pizza making workshop and all of them went home with new skills and also new friends!

Strangers at first but our participants started to loosened up once the activity started. Alvin and Glenn, the trainers were super patient in delivering the demo to our participants. Participants were taught how to make the dough from plain flour and oil.

Once the dough is created, they were taught the proper kneading techniques on how to stretch the dough to improve the texture. Once the dough is completed, the participants proceeded to cut ingredients to prepare for the Pizza Making Competition. Participants were grouped into groups of 4 and 5 and they were given these tomato, pineapples, pepperoni, roasted chicken, corn and cheese. With these ingredients, participants are supposed to brainstorm and make the most creative pizza!

And the winner goes to... the cat pizza! Scroll down for more images on the whole pizza making session!

Our participants definitely enjoyed the pizza making workshop and we hope they continue to make pizzas for their loved ones and possibly, their other half!

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