Ride the Waves

Another Champagne on the Yacht! No matter now many times I have organized events, I still feel a little nervous. How is the crowd going to be like today? Will anything go wrong? Will it rain? Will people absent themselves last minute?…the list went on. Sure enough, some guys could not make it last minute. We still set off 5.30pm sharp.

We always start with Ice Breaker games, hiding some puzzles around in the yacht. Couples will be searching high and low for the puzzles to piece them together. Fastest Couple usually walks away with our sponsored products and services like Free Massage, Facial, Dates etc with in-house surprise gifts. Games and more games, with a little wine, the crowd usually were hype at their moods at 8pm when dinner starts. They get to walk around the island we docked. However, this time round, members request, "Don't need Ice Breaker games, 'lah' "

This is our hottest event that most people booked even 2 months in advance to departure date. Not only the price is reasonable, gourmet BBQ food like Kebabs, Rib Eye, Lamb Chops were served. Most of all, we do a wine tasting for beginner and dummies. After the event, our participants usually walk home with our in house gifts worth-while for the price of the trip! Thanks to our Sponsors!

This Saturday was a bit different. I was managing this event alone, with my husband as the driver and mover. The participants took initiative to go around introduce themselves and telling us the interesting things they do! You would be surprise to hear who has watch the killer whales in Florida, and who does horse riding, who is the music artist on board here with us, and who works in the most prestigious bank, or who works in Jurong Island knowing all the great processes about oil refineries! It's like a life Discovery Channel interview on board!

Wine tasting starts right before food is ready. Our hunky boat skipper usually does all the cooking and grilling and he is such a good chef!

This time, I brought in a variety of red wines from Argentina, South Africa, Chile and France, ranging from Carbenet Souvignon, Merlot, Shiraz and a Rose. I am not a wine expert but I learnt with my participants. We get to try the types of wines from different countries with food pairing. Most people prefer the South African Shiraz this time. To my surprise, the shiraz taste really great, smooth, medium to full bodied, with blackberries fragrance and a tinge of ash or oak, unlike as expected to be dry, spicy.

Most my participants feedback that our event are made not to appear purposeful, and we do not make them feel awkward to attend a singles event at all. " I am very glad I am out this Saturday evening rather than to hang out in clubs or pubs!" said a 34 years old business women. One senior male executive feedback, " I am indeed surprise that people just hang out together and we had so much fun that we went for supper straight after the event!"


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