Wine By the Sunset

It was a beautiful and sunny Saturday afternoon, perfect for enjoying some wine, food and nice company outdoors.

But so much so for Wine by Sunset! The weather is too warm that everyone request to go indoors after 15min. Haha.

We are just too pampered by all the convenient air-conditioning in Singapore. We have 5 tables of participants with fair mix of guys and ladies. Each table gets to choose a bottle of wine from selected list wines, and rotation of groups are done every half an hour to ensure maximum interaction.

At first, everyone was pretty reserved but after some wine and food, the atmosphere began to change. Everyone become more relaxed and you can start hearing laughter from the tables.

It has been a wonderful event and glad that everyone enjoyed themselves. We will for sure hold this again, and this time probably wine AFTER sunset. : )

Proposing a toast to good wine and great company!

Proposing a toast to good wine and great company!

What is good wine without good food? The food is specially selected to pair with the wines.


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